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The Realm of my Roommates Closet


to contact us send an email to Anna.realmofthecloset(at)gmail(dot)com


self portrate
Anna Row Lee
Level: 21
Gender: Female
Species: human
Alignment: neutral -neutral
Class: Artist
Height: 6'0"
Hair color: light brown
Eye color: blue

Favorite Color: Purple/Silver
Hobbies: writing, drawing, sewing, gaming, ect.
Favorite Author: Stephen King, Jim Butcher, and Pears Anthony
Favorite Books: the Dark Tower , I am the Messenger, on a Pale Horse
Favorite Webcomics: Earthsong, Dominic Deegen Oracle for Hire, Crowfethers
Favorite Words: La, yestreen, xanthic, xyloid, feriation. (yes those are all real words.)
Favorite Random Item: knitting needles
Favorite Games: Final Fantasy, LOD , tetris, 
Favorite Bands: Dave Mathews band, CSN, B52s
Favorite TV Shows: Heroes, CSI, Doctor Who
Favorite Anime/Manga: Death Note, Tsubasa, HunterXHunter,
Major: Computer Science
Minor: fine art

Hello I am Anna, and I am the primary artist of the closet. I have worked on a couple of comics before but none really got off the ground, possibly because I am horrible at writing scripts. I don't know why, I can write books, why not scripts? Oh well. Anyway, Annie was joking one night and it somehow became this odd thing called the Realm of my Roommates Closet. I have been reading comics since the summer of 2003 and started drawing my own comics in the spring of 2007. Feel free to contact me at anna.realmofthecloset(at)gmail(dot)com

no picture for you!...fine >'.'< KITTY!

Name: Kira (Annie) Wightman
Level: 20

Location: Ashland, Oregon
Gender: Female
Species: Cat-Girl
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Writer (Gamer/Book Nerd)/Student
Height: 5'4"

Hair Color: Pink (New Rose)...for now

Eye Color: Green

Favorite Color: Pink/Purple
Hobbies: Playing Dungeons and Dragons, Playing Video Games, Reading Manga, Playing music, writing, watching movies/animes/Brittish Television Shows,knitting
Favorite Author: Terry Pratchett
Favorite Books: Going Postal (Pratchett) The Hobbit (Tolkien) The Stand (King)
Favorite Webcomics: El Goonish Shive, Khaos Komic, Questionable Content, Dominic Deegan, Something Positive, The Order of the Stick
Favorite Words: Shiny, Superfluous, Nifty
Favorite Random Item: Spoon/Hat
Favorite Games: Kngdom Hearts,1 and 2, Final Fantasy X, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Bauldurs Gate, Disgaea, The Sims 2 and 3

Favorite Bands: Queen, Franz Ferdinand, Dave Mathews Band, Cascada, Freezepop
Favorite TV Shows: Heroes, Firefly, Scrubs
Favorite Anime/Manga: Pet Shop of Horrors, Cain Saga/Godchild, Kyo Kara Maoh, Tarot Cafe, Full Metal Alchemist, Deathnote, XXXHolic
Job: Student (STILL a Freshman)
Major: Something...maybe comm, or creative writing, or Danish spoon designing

So yeah I'm Annie, least that is what I prefer to be called here.. I'm the writer here and owner of the closet. Anna and I came up with the comic one night on a whim and it just sounded like a fun idea and here we are more than a year and a half later still updating (though not as regularly as we would like.) I've always wanted to work on a web comic but my complete inability to draw better than a drunk four-year-old meant I could never do so. So when we came up with the idea of me writing the scrips I jumped at the idea. I have a blast doing this and mostly just coming up with ideas for The Closet. Hope you enjoy it and please feel free to get in contact with us if you have any questions or concerns, or if you are bored and feel like contacting a weird web comic script writer and artist. So enjoy and pretty pretty please leave us a comment!

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