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tomgeeks where the geeks reside
Tomgeeks is an awesome site of web comics all written by women (like us yay) and has some amazing comics there

EGS it is weird
Annie's all time favorite comic. As it says, it's really weird, animal people, people with magic, aliens, giant attacking goos and Lebians, that's right boys lebians.

MISFILE not made of files
Another amazing one, 2 kids have their lives messed up one becomes a girl, the other looses 2 years of her life. More lesbians...well kinda.

The Awakened, read or the gnome eats you
Another fucking weird one. Chase is troubled by not only his own demons but other people's until he is awakened. Also contains a creepy gnome, art is AMAZING!

Blue Eyed boy is a pretty boy
The story of a beautiful bear eared gay boy who finds love, it's pretty and yaoi, warning, is a bit sad

 Footloose, where shoes attack
Magical girls, shoe throwing, ah lots of good stuff. Great story about a girl who goes to school in another world where she learns to fight with shoes

crowfeathers, contains crow
An awesome western about the life of a part demon named Chase. Takes place in the wild west and has pretty dresses.

Muse Academy, here there be pie
Charlie is enrolled at a prestigious school in england only to find out it is actually in another world!

The just is
A crazy comic about a magic girl and the world's most oblivious town. Lot's of crazy stuff happens like gender swapping, lots of gender swapping.


CAD gaming+robot+tuna=explody

The best known gaming comic. Centers around a group of friends, their apartment, and their x-box which was made into a robot. Also an awesome penguin named tedd.

Girl Genius, pretty art, mad science, other stuff
Basically all you need to know is already said, adventure, romance and mad science. Tells the story of a gifted young woman with the "spark" amazing art.

Questionable Content, the turkeys command you
An indie-rock comic, but you don't need to know the music to enjoy it. Mostly the story of Martin and his friends, also has a couple of adorable robots

Zapinspace, confused yet?
An outer space tale with a nifty plot. Zap enters the story with no memories and goes off adventuring with the very first people he meets. Psychic powers, romance and a 4 armed monkey man, also more robots.

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